Friday, 9 July 2010

Year Book

           About two weeks ago, the photographer came to the school to take our picture in order to put it in our year book. So these are some of the picture I want to show you!!

Gift, Ice, Eyes, Fern, Oil, Jaem
They were the first group who took the pictures. No shyness on their faces?? Lol

Lamyai, Farm, June, Gina, Katai
These are behind the scene picture .. I'm not sure if I use the right word or not?? Lol

You know what? .. I do really like Lamyai's post!! She's so gorgeous, isn't she??

Sai, New, Bow, Jaa, Nampeung, Peach, Fai

I couldn't remember what we were laughing about at that time. But, I guess it gotta be very funny talk!! Lol

We were trying to be cute but as you see we were not that .. .. umm .. cute .. hahahaha

Baipai, Chan, Boom, Bew, Nut, Yoyo, Bank, Art, Gong, Namping, Tao

Here they are!! Our boys .. haha .. 

I'm sure if the football's ball was a girl, they would have  knee down and ask the ball the married them .. Lol .. Just kidding!!

And the last one, here we are all of us .. ah in fact, we missed Yim and Pea. But, there's going to be another photo shoot, so Yim and Pea can joy us the next time!!


We had a lot of fun spending time together, so I hope we can keep in touch even we have to be apart!!

and you know you love me .. Lol



  1. Is this your project?
    GREAT work i guess

  2. gut gemacht !!

  3. ummm, well ur blog looks great!!!

    the alphabets are quite small dun u think? it's kinda hard to see hehehehe


  4. I think so , I will make it bigger !

    thank you for comments ;'D

  5. good, but BG is too dark