Thursday, 8 July 2010

Our first publishing .. hmm

               Since Teacher Nick forced us to make this blog , I have nothing to put on it yet. Therefore, I saved the picture from my facebook and uploaded in here. Nothing new, right? However, you know that I still have alot of video at home so the next article is going to be .. .. .. umm .. I'm not sure yet but it gonne be huge you know hahaha .. First of all I need all of you guys' information not include your parents' name!! That's not neccessay besides I know your parents' name already. Lol 


  1. Yay good job! Keep up the good work~ lol

  2. More interesting here, but it's harder than FB !! Why did u guys choose this ?
    5 55+
    Anyways, keep up your hard work guys!
    Get a good grade!!

  3. I agee with fern , I don't know how to use it !

  4. This web is too hard for me.