Monday, 23 August 2010

Prod Song Krai Maa Rak Chan Tee by YEPM6(GKJL's group)

                        YEP'03 proudly present "Prod Song Krai Maa Rak Chan Tee by YEPM6(GKJL's group)" !!  Watching this video, I can't help but laugh so hard. They had done an excellent job finally. I hope you guys enjoy watching this video and don't forget to leave some comment!! pleaseeeee ^^_^^


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sukhothai trip ~*

                   Last month we got a field trip to Sukhothai. So, here are some of the pictures we want to share with you!!

While we were waiting for the speaker, we took the picture.

Yim and Gong, Adidas's ambassadors!!

T.Tony, Gift, Eyes, Fern, Oil
Guess!? who created this post!!??

Travelling around the park, we enjoyed our trip so much.

Baipai, Oil, T.Siriporn, Ice, and Jaem

in the bus.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Open House Day

            Last Saturday we performed the show called " Yupparaj The Opera". It's about a girl who innocently becomes a minor wife. And after she realized that she's a minor wife, she then killed her husband. So she has to go the court and beg for her life.

We had been working so hard on this project. Practicing every Friday afternoon .. got Teacher Dan mad at us .. Katai's tears .. and alot of troubles we fell into. Finally we got a perfect show .. ah .. well it was not perfect but at least we were so proud!! Now I'm presenting you " Yupparaj The Opera"

After our performance, I've to say that the feedback is quite great!! Congratulation to Everybody!! Yayyyyy!! So I'll show you the behind the scence pictures .. and Thank to N'Finn's Eunhyuk Lee na ka for the very gorgeous pictures you took.

Sai, Lumyai, June, Fern, Gina, N'Pam and N'Fa
Guys!! Despite yours so called  looked-poor outfit, you guys look like you're going to the beach .. so glamoure xoxo!!

Peach, N'Mind, Fai, and N'Note
The Choir's army!! Gotta say "you
ve done a good job!!"

N'Fin carry the chiar in order to use in the show!! Look so Tom-Boy!! Hua??

Teacher Dan and Teacher Raffy!!
Without you I can't imagine how our show gonne be like!!

Bew, our guitar boy!!

Docter Dell had done an amazing show!!

Gong and Bow
They look great together!! Sorry Yoyo but it's true!! haha jkjk

Teacher Siriporn and Bow!! Looks Like sister!! haha

Peach, Yasu, Kenny
That two guys are our friends from CMIS!! Thank for coming!!

Oil, Katai, Nut, and Bank

Then after the performance, I performed a show called " Folk songs" even the song I sang weren't really folk song. haha I sang the songs name " Sway" and "Desperado" I hope you guys like it; although, my voice was so damn horrible haha

Gift and Eyes
you guys must be so tired!! haha

I know this picture is nothing on my show but I do like the way Fai's posting!!

However, I'm going to uploaded the video I interviewing Pearath but unfortunately, he has been escaping me!! haha So if you guys want to know anything about him please leave the message&question here. I'm going to hunt him soon before his leaving town!! haha you know you love me xoxo

Friday, 9 July 2010

Year Book

           About two weeks ago, the photographer came to the school to take our picture in order to put it in our year book. So these are some of the picture I want to show you!!

Gift, Ice, Eyes, Fern, Oil, Jaem
They were the first group who took the pictures. No shyness on their faces?? Lol

Lamyai, Farm, June, Gina, Katai
These are behind the scene picture .. I'm not sure if I use the right word or not?? Lol

You know what? .. I do really like Lamyai's post!! She's so gorgeous, isn't she??

Sai, New, Bow, Jaa, Nampeung, Peach, Fai

I couldn't remember what we were laughing about at that time. But, I guess it gotta be very funny talk!! Lol

We were trying to be cute but as you see we were not that .. .. umm .. cute .. hahahaha

Baipai, Chan, Boom, Bew, Nut, Yoyo, Bank, Art, Gong, Namping, Tao

Here they are!! Our boys .. haha .. 

I'm sure if the football's ball was a girl, they would have  knee down and ask the ball the married them .. Lol .. Just kidding!!

And the last one, here we are all of us .. ah in fact, we missed Yim and Pea. But, there's going to be another photo shoot, so Yim and Pea can joy us the next time!!


We had a lot of fun spending time together, so I hope we can keep in touch even we have to be apart!!

and you know you love me .. Lol


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Our first publishing .. hmm

               Since Teacher Nick forced us to make this blog , I have nothing to put on it yet. Therefore, I saved the picture from my facebook and uploaded in here. Nothing new, right? However, you know that I still have alot of video at home so the next article is going to be .. .. .. umm .. I'm not sure yet but it gonne be huge you know hahaha .. First of all I need all of you guys' information not include your parents' name!! That's not neccessay besides I know your parents' name already. Lol